, can handle your commercial and industrial equipment and scrap recycling needs.   In many cases, we'll even pick it up for you, at your site, at NO CHARGE.

C&M recycles corporate electronic scrap and equipment, including typewriters, telephones, telephone switches, audiovisual equipment, obsolete or surplus computer products, including basic monochrome computer monitors to 21" color flat screens, printers, networking hardware, computer cabling, modems, PC cards, circuit boards, junction boxes, keyboards and more.  (Please remember all printed circuit boards contain lead and being aware of that helps to educate your company on handling this material properly.)

In addition to electronic equipment, C&M are experts in handling other commercial and industrial materials disposal needs.  We can handle your pallet racking, pallet jacks, shipping containers, display shelving, merchandise display racking, scrap metal and many other items.  CONTACT US to see what we can do for you.  

Our primary goal is the convenient, complete and proper recycling of your material. Our services will allow you to confidently say that you have taken all necessary steps toward preventing out-of-use electronic equipment from entering the waste stream and damaging the environment. 

Call C&M Recyclers to effectively, conveniently and economically handle your company's equipment and scrap disposal needs. 

(503) 380-4180,

C&M Recycling can help your company or facility reduce, reuse, recycle -
easily and at NO CHARGE
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